Paving your way to a perfect V-day: Plan for the Best. Day. Ever.

So Valentine’s Day is coming up… and you’re struggling to come up with something new. Again. 

It’s all soooOOOO overdone-- the flowers, the chocolate, the wine. That’s not to say these things are bad. They’re just expected. (Unfortunately for you, that means they do have to be done, but you also have to turn it up a notch.) 

 With that in mind, let’s plan the perfect day (or date), together. 

 First and foremost, keep your partner’s preferences in mind. If you’re planning this day, it should be all about them. (And you, but also them.)


If you live together with your partner or you see each other early in the morning, nothing beats a great breakfast. (Personally, I don’t like the whole “breakfast in bed” thing, but it’s totally up to you.) Some breakfast ideas to Valentine’s day it up:

  • Pancakes (or waffles) with strawberries or sprinkles. And chocolate. And whipped cream. Yum! As a bonus, try making them in a heart shape. 
  • French toast with a raspberry and cream filling. (Boy oh boy, I’m getting hungry just thinking about this!) 
  • Or as a healthy alternative, a pink smoothie would be delicious. My personal favorite has strawberries, apples, melon, and a milk of my choice (usually soy).  
  • While a mimosa (and related beverages) would be at the top of our drink list, Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year (cue the “awwww”), so it may be a good idea to go in a bit of a different direction. A fancy coffee may do the trick here.

At the end of the morning, the most important thing is to make sure your partner has the best morning ever -- which, by the way, includes not cleaning up the kitchen after you cook. 

 Then, it’s time to go to work.

After work

If you’re anything like me, you get to see your partner come home from work ready to commit murder. Fortunately, Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to not get murdered. (Unless you’re St. Valentine, that is… But let’s not go into that.) De-stressing is a vital part of the evening, so let’s start with that:

  • Slip into something a littttllleee more comfortable. (Your dirty mind has got to come out of the gutter; there’ll be time for that later.) For now, I’m talking about this super-comfy pajama set.
  • A *nice massage* from someone very special (hinthint: you).

This is the boring part of the evening, so let’s continue to… 


So here’s where opinions diverge. The usual Valentine’s Day dinner would be to have a late reservation to a fancy restaurant. But let’s face it: the restaurant is expensive, crowded, and oh, so overdone.  

 To change things up a little, try making a nice (but not too heavy, reasons incoming) dinner. The dinner shouldn’t be tooooo long, though, because it’s time for the…

Post-dinner activity

Again, we have some things that are a bit overdone -- movies, relaxing, not relaxing (*wink wink*). However, we can do so much better. 

 For a new Valentine’s Day experience, try taking your partner out to a ballroom dance social. It’s an unusual experience, you get to ~dance~, and it’s super intimate (unlike, say, dancing at a club). Just to make the experience more special, take a look at these super-nice outfits made specifically for dancing! (That hasn’t stopped people from wearing them out to dinner or even down the carpet…)  

 And now that you’re all tired out, we’ve got…

Pre-bed activities

It’s Valentine’s Day. This means what it means. But there’s no reason you can’t *spruce up* the ambiance with some nice themed pillowcases. (Silk pillowcases: so smooth that your pick-up lines will be rough by comparison.)  

 This is where I leave you. I’m sure you know how to take it from here! 

 I’d love to hear from you. What do you do to make your Valentine’s Day special? Let me know in the comments below!

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