Restful Resolutions: Best Pillowcases for Skin & More Self-Care Tips

I have never been so excited for Spring in my life! It’s a time to reset and refresh, and this year, I’ve made a resolution to take better care of myself. But what is the one thing we always must do to take great care of ourselves? REST! This is nothing new. Just good, ol’-fashioned self-care. And that begins with the best pillowcases for our skin.

100% mulberry silk pillowcases allow our skin to breathe and be nourished. Moreover, they protect our hair from breakage. Why’s this? Silk doesn’t absorb the moisture from our hair and skin (like other fabrics do).

But that’s more of a long-run thing. In the here-and-now, the key to good sleep for me is to always lay on the cool side of my pillow, and my silk pillowcase lets me do just that (but without having to perform pillow gymnastics to get just the right spot). (In case you’re interested, I have this white pillowcase -- it goes with all my bedsheets!)

Studies show adults need 7-8 hours of sleep every night. (Oops.) But studies have also shown that it’s also about the quality of our sleep. So, by making little changes in your sleep atmosphere you may be  able to improve your sleep by achieving more restful Zzzz-time. 

Having a pillowcase that does the job is great, especially one of the best pillowcases for skin, but it’s not going to solve all our sleep problems. Here are a few more tips for a fully rejuvenating experience: 

  1. Phones away! Shut down your phone or at least stow it away on a separate table so you’re not  looking at it right before trying to rest. Even on night mode, the blue light from phone screens tricks our brains into thinking it’s the middle of the day, so we stop producing melatonin -- rise and shine, sleepyhead!
  2. Let it go. Keep a notebook next to your bed. Something pop up in your mind? Jot it down and let it go.
  3. Just breatheee. I like the 4-7-8 breathing technique: I breathe in for 4  seconds, hold for 7 and then exhale for 8. This technique helps reduce my anxiety, which is a fast pass to finallyyyy being able to fall asleep.
  4. Out with the caffeine and in with herbal tea. Having some herbal tea and water -- and avoiding caffeine -- before bed is a good way to get your body into a sleeping mood. (Did you know some headache medicines have caffeine? Read the label and just rest that head on your silk pillowcase next time instead of poppin those pills.)
  5. Food-free zone. Try not to have a big meal before bed. Digestion is hard work, so yeah, it’ll definitely keep you up.

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Dodie Georgiades

Date 5/14/2022

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