6 Steps to a Healthy Morning Routine
Why do morning routines matter? They help us set the tone for our day. No one likes feeling rushed or grumpy in the morning, so why not create a simple routine that guarantees success and productivity. When you have a busy schedule, it can feel like you’re rushing through one task to the next. Your day starts to control you, rather than the other way around. A morning routine may cover just a small part of your day, but it could be a step toward helping you regain control. Starting a morning routine is simple. Just follow these 6 steps, beginning with the moment you wake up. Experiment with different orders of these activities to find out what works best for you.  

Step 1: Hair Care & Skin Care 

Start your morning beauty routine even before you wake up in the morning by sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Silk pillowcases provide amazing benefits for your hair and skin. And they also feel luxurious! Start your day by waking up frizz and wrinkle free. You can find our Sleep-Care Silk PIllowcases here

Step 2: Hydrate 

It’s always a great idea to go to bed with a glass of water on your bedside table so that you can make up for the last 7-9 hours of being dehydrated. Drinking lots of water in the morning is also a great way to cleanse your body of any toxicity that your body has metabolized while you were asleep. By flushing out those harmful substances, your body can return to its normal functions with greater ease. 

Step 3: Meditate & Reflect 

Incorporating Mindfulness into your morning routine has a multitude of benefits for your mental health. Meditation increases self awareness and provides relief from stress and anxiety. One of the easiest ways to meditate is by sitting in a comfortable position, closing your eyes, and focusing on your breath. You could also listen to a guided meditation or have a short call with a meditation coach. Journaling is also a great way to stay mindful and reflect. Grab a notebook and just write down whatever comes to mind. You can also set a few intentions for the day. 

Step 4: Eat a Balanced Breakfast 

As you probably know, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you should have something to eat, even if you're not hungry. Some energizing options are a smoothie bowl or a vegetable scramble. Also remember to take your supplements too! 

Step 5: Movement 

Hop on your yoga mat to introduce gentle movement into your morning. One pose that’s great for the morning is a child's pose. It helps stretch out your lower to upper back, and release any tension from the hips. Yoga provides many benefits for your mind and body. You could also go to the gym or for a run. By starting your day with physical activity, you’re boosting your endorphins, which in turn immediately improves your mood. Also, by getting your workout out of the way in the morning, you don’t have to channel the energy later on in the day to get on the treadmill. 

Step 6: Do something you love 

And lastly, the perfect way to conclude your morning routine is by doing something that brings you joy. Whether it be listening to a new podcast or your favorite playlist, happiness is key to a great morning routine. Say yes to stress free mornings! Good morning routines can create stability in your life, which is vital no matter who you are or what you are up against.



Date 3/8/2022


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