5 Benefits Prove These Pillowcases Are The Best For Your Skin

Most people use standard, cotton pillowcases at home. Cotton pillowcases are often affordable, drawing people towards them effortlessly. However, silk pillowcases have risen in popularity thanks to the recommendations from dermatologists, makeup artists, and hairdressers. Now, people are more likely to splurge a bit on high-quality, silk pillowcases. At SilkToCottonDesigns, we believe that the upgrade to silk pillowcases is well worth it! 

Here’s why:

1. Easy Anti-Aging

Simply put, silk pillowcases help prevent early signs of aging. Our specially-made silk encourages your skin to regenerate and rejuvenate while you get your beauty sleep. The SC silk fabric that we use to make our pillowcases is created with the highest quality and weight, armed with 18 amino acids to naturally hydrate your skin at night.

2. Silky Smooth Hair

Are you tired of bedhead? You may just need to switch to silk pillowcases. The smooth texture of our silk pillowcases discourages frizz from developing overnight, even if you toss and turn frequently. The friction within the pillowcases acts against movements that would create tangles, knots, and frizz.

3. Anti-Acne

Up to 50 million Americans are faced with acne issues every year, disproportionately affecting women versus men (25% of adult women, 12% of adult men). Cotton pillowcases are great at collecting bacteria, especially if you sleep on your face at night. You may notice that only one side of your face struggles with acne, and it’s likely to be the side you sleep on. Silk, however, naturally absorbs less bacteria, creating far less buildup on your pillowcase. Plus, we don’t use any harmful dyes or toxins in our pillowcases, making them perfect for people with sensitive skin. 

4. Healthy, Happy Hair

Not only do the best silk pillowcases for hair prevent frizz and bedhead, but they keep your hair healthy for the long-haul. Moisture stays where it’s supposed to within silk pillowcases. Moreover, the friction between your head and pillowcase reduces breakages. After just a few weeks, you’ll notice that you have far fewer split ends! Some doctors are even encouraging chemotherapy patients to switch to silk pillowcases for their soothing properties due to the harsh effects of their treatments. 

5. Bye-Bye Fine Hair

Have you ever woken up and noticed lines or wrinkles by your eyebrows? These are most commonly found on people who sleep on their face, again, especially if you tend to sleep on one side of your face. This is an early sign of aging, and it can affect people as early as their 20s. Thankfully, you can prevent the issue from worsening or appearing by switching to silk pillowcases. The natural moisture, and 18 amino acids, found within our silk pillowcases discourages the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

The best silk pillowcases feel luxurious, but they also have some serious health and beauty benefits. That’s why millions of people across the world are tossing out their old, cotton pillowcases and committing to silk! Still not convinced? At SilkToCottonDesigns, we’re happy to provide information about our silk pillowcases

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