5 Unique Reasons Silk Is Perfect For Winter Use

People have loved silk for at least 5,000 years, ever since the Chinese discovered the amazing properties found within the threads of silkworms’ cocoons. Silk has become renowned as a luxurious option for clothes, bedding, and much, much more. Silk To Cotton Designs specializes in creating products with a lush satin finish which differs from most silk products. However, all silk products are wonderful for wintertime use for a number of unique reasons. Silk gifts are the easiest way to say “I love you” to someone special in your life! Plus, our SilkCare Silk (SC) comes with a ton of sweet benefits that you’ll have to check out.

Temperature Regulation

Silk’s natural temperature regulation will keep you comfortable all night long. Silk is perfect for people who have issues with temperature regulation. Many people struggle with hot or cold flashes, especially in the chilly winter months, and silk helps combat this issue well. In the winter, you’ll notice that your silk products are warm and cozy, while in summer, they’re cool and refreshing. Whether you’re snuggling up next to someone all night long or chilling solo, you’ll be perfectly cozy in silkware.

Skin Hydration.

Conditions like eczema tend to flare up in the winter. The harsh, cold wind chill leads to inflammation, redness, and irritation–which are no fun to handle. These conditions can be painful, and they can seriously put a damper on your glam time! 

Many people love using silk pillowcases in the winter since they stay cleaner naturally than most other fabrics. This allows them to avoid dirt buildup on the areas where they rest their head at night. Moreover, the hydrating properties in silk help in the effort to avoid developing harsh wrinkles, especially prematurely.  

Wrinkles tend to appear between the eyebrows for side or stomach sleepers, but people who use a silk pillowcase in the winter don’t need to worry about this issue because of silk’s natural abilities to give your skin a fabulous glow.  Our SC pillowcases create 43% less friction, on average, than cotton pillowcases.

Our SC pillowcases create 43% less friction, on average, than cotton pillowcases.

Silk Is Breathable

We tend to bundle up in extra layers during the wintertime. Sometimes, it can become a bit too much. You’ll end up in too many layers, and end up sweating your little heart out…and not even in the fun way! Wearing silk in the wintertime, or using silk sheets and pillowcases in the wintertime, helps you keep yourself comfortable despite being covered up by layers. It helps control moisture levels, ensuring you don’t get too sweaty.  

Since our SC silk is set to keep you hydrated, it also helps with temperature regulation. It’s seriously a miracle worker! 

Silk Is Hypoallergenic

This is especially effective in the winter months, since allergies tend to be at an all-time high with the wind and weather being at an extreme low. Thankfully, silk is hypoallergenic, meaning it will be comfortable on your skin regardless of its type or condition(s).  

People with skin conditions like eczema tend to be allergic to synthetic fibers, but silk is ahead of the game, so it doesn’t even have any of those fibers to begin with. Silk is one of the most simple, yet durable fabrics known to man. The simplicity allows manufacturers to avoid harsh additives, like chemicals, to be included in their products. Silk really is that girl! 

Silk Is Comfortable

Simply put, silk is so heavily associated with luxury because it’s so comfy. Fewer things compare to the feeling of soft silk against the skin. 

We have a wide selection of silk products for the winter months at Silk To Cotton Designs. Silk makes an incredible gift for anyone on your list. Plus, it’s bound to impress that special someone in your life. 

Be sure to check out our collection today! 

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